Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention

Next convention will be held in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Date TBD.

Take this opportunity to discover a new passion, socialize, and share an incredible experience with jigsaw puzzle fanatics from around the world. No matter if you’re a beginner or an expert puzzler, you will surely fit in!

  1. Enjoy completing puzzles in our Keep Calm & Puzzle On area
  2. Create your own mini puzzle in the Arts & Crafts Section
  3. Donate and swap your puzzles for charity in our Puzzle Exchange zone
  4. Get together in the VIP Lounge with Celebrities
  5. Drop-off kids in Playground Area
  6. Speed puzzling competitions to win prizes
  7. Ultinate Challenge
  8. Join a workout session to ease your puzzler’s pains
  9. Listen to guest speakers including PuzzleGrammers, Artists and Authors
  10. Learn tips and tricks from experts
  11. Share your ideas with leaders to help improve the puzzling experience
  12. Attend the JPiC Award Ceremony
  13. Shop to add more jigsaw puzzles to your collection
  14. Win amazing prizes