Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention

After an impressive convention in Las Vegas, the Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention (JPiC®️) is coming to Berlin Germany from May 18 to 20, 2023.

Treten Sie der offiziellen Facebook-Gruppe von JPiC Deutschland bei, um immer auf dem Laufenden zu bleiben. Vielen Dank. Siehe diese seite auf deutsch.

Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention
Jigsaw Puzzle Christmas Collection

Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention in Berlin

Take this opportunity to discover a new passion, socialize, and share an incredible experience with jigsaw puzzle fanatics from around the world. No matter if you’re a beginner or an expert puzzler, you will surely fit in! With an entry ticket to JPiC you can:

  • Admire the jigsaw puzzle exhibition in our Art Gallery
  • Enjoy completing puzzles in our Chill & Relax Zone
  • Add your masterpiece to the Arts & Crafts Collaborative Mural
  • Donate and swap your puzzles for charity in our Puzzle Exchange Zone
  • Get together in our VIP Lounge with celebrities
  • Drop-off kids in Playground Area
  • Participate in speed puzzling competitions to win prizes
  • Take part in the Ultimate Challenge and attempt to set a world record
  • Join a workout session to ease your puzzler’s pains.
  • Listen to guest speakers on Center Stage including Guinness World record holders, PuzzleGrammers, artists and authors
  • Learn tips and tricks from experts
  • Share your ideas with leaders to help improve the puzzling experience
  • Attend the JPiC Award Ceremony
  • Shop to add more jigsaw puzzles to your collection
  • Win amazing prizes
  • Meet with jigsaw puzzle brands
  • FREE Access to the Filigree Expo

Offical Jigsaw Puzzle of the JPiC

The offical jigsaw puzzle of the Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention is available in 252 or 520 pieces.

JPiC Official Jigsaw Puzzle

JPiC’s Record Breaking Deal on Shark Tank

We are proud to have a Shark as shareholder. JPiC has solid backing from different investors and is still offering investment for equity to qualified investors. Contact us for more information.

Speed Puzzling Competitions

The Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention is offering huge prizes to all participants in the singles, doubles and teams speed puzzling competitions.

Annual Jigsaw Puzzle International Championship

Register today for the Jigsaw Puzzle International Championship which will be held in Malta annually.

JPiC Club Membership

Jigsaw puzzle fans around the world can join our adventure by applying for a JPiC Gold Club Membership at the low cost of €99 for 5 years. Among other things, it grants unlimited free access to all conventions and competitions, ownership of a unique NFT representing a piece of our new 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle entitled “Malta”, and Shadow Equity in JPiC Ltd.

JPiC invites you to join the Silver Club for only €0,99 per month, giving Members a slew of amazing benefits such as discounted tickets to the Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention anywhere in the world and monthly discounts on your favorite jigsaw puzzle brands!


Collect JPiC’s PUZL NFTs on OpenSea and get rewarded by the PUZL Coin Airdop exclusively reserved to PUZL NFT holders. Download a copy of the PUZL Whitepaper.

Jigsaw Puzzle Investment Capital

Jigsaw Puzzle Investment Capital (JPiC) invests in seed-stage startups anywhere in the world. Submit your pitch deck today and get financing for your fabulous idea, concept or product.

Offical Jigsaw Puzzle of the JPiC

The perfect Christmas gift; the offical jigsaw puzzle of the JPiC. Get yours today! Available in 252 or 520 pieces. A 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle of Malta in currently in development!

Upcoming Conventions

North America

Toronto, Canada. Vancouver, Canada.

South America

Bogota, Colombia. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Sao Paolo, Brazil.


Paris, France. Barcelona, Spain. Rome, Italy. Bucharest, Romania. Vienna, Austria. Warsaw, Poland. Ta’ Qali, Malta.


Istanbul, Turkey. Mumbai, India. Delhi, India. Seoul, South Korea. Tokyo, Japan. Dubai, UAE.


Sydney, Australia. Auckland, New Zealand.

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