Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention

The Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention is coming to Germany.

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After an impressive first ever convention in Las Vegas, JPiC is coming to Europe for the next edition of the Jigsaw puzzle international convention.

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Now is your opportunity to socialize and share your passion with jigsaw puzzle fanatics from around the world. No matter the type of puzzler that you are, you will surely fit in! With an entry ticket you can:  

  • Admire the jigsaw puzzle exhibition in our Art Gallery
  • Enjoy completing puzzles in our Chill & Relax Zone
  • Add your masterpiece to the Arts & Crafts Collaborative Mural
  • Donate and swap your puzzles for charity in our Puzzle Exchange Zone
  • Get together in our VIP Lounge with celebrities
  • Drop-off your kids in our Playground Area
  • Participate in our various speed puzzling competitions and win up to €10,000
  • Take part in our Ultimate Challenge to attempt to set a world record
  • Join a workout session to ease your puzzler’s pains.
  • Listen to guest speakers on our Center Stage including Guinness World record holders, PuzzleGrammers, artists and authors
  • Learn tips and tricks from experts
  • Share your ideas with leaders to help improve the puzzling experience
  • Vote for your favorites to be revealed at the JPiC Award Ceremony
  • Shop to add more jigsaw puzzles to your collection
  • Win amazing cash prizes
  • Meet with jigsaw puzzle brands

The Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention is offering huge euro cash prizes to adult participants in the singles, doubles and teams speed puzzling competitions.

Most Expensive Jigsaw puzzle in the World; A Masterpiece to celebrate a new partnership

Hand-made by Master Filigree Craftsman Kevin Attard, this 100 piece sterling silver jigsaw puzzle is unique. This fully functional jigsaw puzzle weighs in at a total of 575 grams of .925 fine silver and is the only one of its kind. It is made out of over 9000 silver filigree wires. This is the most expensive jigsaw puzzle in the world and was created to represent the partnership between Kevin Attard and JPiC.

It was on exhibit at the Las Vegas Convention Center during the 1st Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention on July 2022, and will be exposed in Berlin for the world to see, along with several other filigree Masterpieces.

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